How to Measure Yourself!

If you are purchasing one of DeMan’s Workshop custom made costumes then more than likely we will need your measurements to make sure it fits you JUST RIGHT! For this you will need a fabric measuring tape and if possible, assistance from a friend. You will have the best results and most precise measurements if you do not wear too many layers of clothing, may be just a tight T-shirt and underwear should do (unless for an over garment then you will need to wear your Muscle/custom suit as well).

Here are the body parts which you must measure:

Chest size
First of all you need to know your chest size. Measure around the chest and body at its fullest part (typically right under the armpits and shoulder blades). Here are some tips for taking the exact measure:
– Hold the tape against the body tight enough so that it does not slip down, but not so tight that it restricts breathing.
– Make sure the tape is horizontal and the person’s arms are by their side; then take a normal breath and measure.
– Do not puff out your chest

Waist size
This measurement should be taken at the waist level, where your pants are normally buttoned. Measure around the fullest part of the waist/stomach or right below your bottom ribs, whichever is greater.
Tip: To avoid having tight-fitting trousers, leave enough room for one finger to fit between the tape measure and your body.

Stand still with your feet approximately 6 inches apart and slip the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.Neck size

This measurement should be taken along the lower section of the neck, below your Adams Apple and above your Sternal Notch. Another approach is to take a shirt that fits you perfectly and determine the distance between the middle of its collar button to the far end of the buttonhole. That distance is your neck size.
Tip: The tape should be comfortably touching the skin, with enough room so that you do not feel restricted.

Measure with arm at your side, from the tip of the shoulder to the knuckle of your thumb (specify each sleeve if they are different). Another way of measuring your sleeve size is to take a fine fitting shirt, fold it at the elbow ninety degrees, and measure the distance between the middle back of the collar and the cuffs.Stomach

Measure around the widest part of your abdomen, placing a finger between your body and the tape. Make sure the tape is at the same height at all times. The widest part of the abdomen usually coincides with the belly button. Breeth normally and do not hold your stomach in.

Measure across the top of the shoulder from one edge to the other. Ensure you take the curved contour over the top of the shoulders as shown. Or wearing your best fitted shirt or suit measure up to the shoulder seams.


Measure around your upper arm at the widest point when flexed leaving one finger of space.

Measure around your wrist bone leaving one finger of space.

Measure from the top middle of the back pants waist (see point A) all along the crotch seam through your legs until the top of front waist.

Tip: If you have any doubt, compare this measure with pants that fit you well.

Thigh width
Wearing trousers, empty your pockets then, start at the top of your inseam, measure around your thigh with a room for a finger.Pants length

Measure from the top of pants waist all along the side pant seam until the bottom of your pants or roughly 1 inch from the ground.

Measure from the lowest part of your crotch area to the floor.
Make sure the tape is tight along the inside of your leg, that you are standing straight, and then measure. Take off your shoes first!Knee

Measure around your knee at its widest point.

Half hem
Measure the width you want for the bottom of your trousers.

* For best results be sure to double check the measurements you have taken.