Humble Bumble Book Sale!

Humble Bundle: Return of the Cosplay! Hey makers!, do you know about the Humble Bundle? It includes $461 worth of amazing cosplay books and crafting patterns from all kinds of talented costume makers like Punished Props, Cowbuttcrunchies, Kamui Cosplay and many more!

You can pay what you want (as little as $1) and the best thing is, that a big part of your money goes to charity! So if you ever wanted to get some into Cosplay, Prop making or just crafting in geberal
then, you will never find them cheaper! The bundle runs for two weeks!

Last year the Humble Cosplay Book Bundle raised over $120.000 for charity! That’s Awesome!

Become the heroes you idolize!
Everyone has a favorite character or two. Who hasn’t dreamed of wielding the Master Sword or donning Master Chief’s Spartan armor? With a little motivation and the heap of cosplay e-books found in the Return of the Cosplay bundle like The Book of 3D Printing – Modeling, Finishing and More, 1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas, The Art of Extreme Wig Styling, and Creative Cosplay: Selecting & Sewing Costumes Way Beyond Basic, now you can!