Terms of Service...

Please read in full before commissioning a Deman’s Workshop Project, by commissioning Deman’s Workshop you agree to all terms outlined below, regardless of whether you have read it or not.

Deposits & Payment

To secure a slot, Deman’s Workshop require a 30% deposit. This is non refundable under ANY circumstances. The deposit is used to order materials and for the construction of your Project.

Payment is done via paypal and is in AUD. Paypal automatically converts payments from your local currency to AUD, however rough estimates in your own currency can be made via Google’s currency exchange estimator.

All payments are to be made via Invoice, upon acceptance of commission, two invoices will be sent to your paypal email address, one for the 30% deposit, and one for the remaining 70%. The remainder invoice will have partial payment turned on, allowing the customer to revisit the invoice and pay off their Project in installments as it suits them. The Project will not be shipped out until full payment is received and Cleared.

Contact and Project Creation

Contact is done via telegram, the Client will be sent a link to a group chat with all current and past Clients. All updates and works in progress pictures are posted here, along with guides (if needed) and a link to Trello where the customer can see their location in the queue.

W.I.P.’S will be sent when available, or at the buyers request when the project is being worked on. Projects can be created anonymously at buyers request, however telegram contact is still needed via private message.

A measurement form is required to be filled out for any Material Project and ALL full body commissions, if possible a Duct tape dummy would be preferable. Check out Deman’s Workshop YouTube channel or Blog post to see how to make one!

Working with minors (Under 18s)

Deman’s Workshop reserves the right to decline any commission from a person who is under the age of 18. Buyers who are under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian who can purchase on their behalf. This is because of PayPal’s terms of service, which disallows minors to use their service.

If you are a minor wanting a commission, have your parents contact us on your behalf before sending anything else.

Copyrighted characters

Deman’s Workshop refuses to make any characters under copyright.

This includes but is not limited to: Pokemon, Disney, Anime, Pixar, etc.

This is due to legal reasons and companies being able to sue for unauthorised profit making off their copyright.

However Deman’s Workshop does make “Inspired By” Costumes, props and Projects.

Cancellation and refunds

As mentioned in Deposit and Payments, the deposit is non refundable. Should the buyer wish to cancel the Project before work has started, the excess payments after deposit can be refunded at the makers pace. The Buyer/Client understands that Deman’s Workshop is operated as a sole trader small business, so refunds may take time.

Once work has commenced, no refunds shall be given. Should the buyer cancel commission after work has started and has not paid in full, the work that has been completed will be shipped to you at your expense, or will be altered and resold as a pre-made.

Style and artistic liberties

By commissioning Deman’s Workshop you acknowledge that we have our own style unique to the Workshop and that you agree to and acknowledge this.

Deman’s Workshop reserves the right to take small artistic liberties to preserve it’s style.


Should you wish to make an alteration to your Project, design or other significant changes not listed on the reference sheet, an alteration charge of 15% +material costs will apply. This will be added to the invoice given at time of commission.

Minor changes that are requested at time of WIP supply will not incur any additional charges and are considered as part of the making process.

Warranty and repairs

All Works completed at Deman’s Workshop come with a 60 day warranty from the day it’s sent out, that covers things of the makers fault, such as popped seams or missing features.

Deman’s workshop is not responsible for any damage caused by shipping or mishandling by the Client or any 3rd Party. Repairs done under warranty are 100% at the makers expense. Repairs done outside of warranty will be done at a rate of materials + $30 per hour.

Reference images

To commission a Project, we require a minimum 2 view reference sheet, a 3 or more view reference sheet may be required for more complicated characters. Deman’s Workshop is not responsible for inaccuracies in design due to out of date, or unclear reference sheets.

Media usage

All character rights remain the intellectual property of the Client, however Deman’s Workshop reserves the right to use ANY images of their creations for promotional purposes.

Experimental features

If you request an experimental feature, such as LEDs or otherwise uncharted features, you agree to forfeit all warranty surrounding that feature, as Deman’s Workshop cannot guarantee quality of that that has not been refined.

Ghosting/no contact

If a Client fails to respond to contact attempts within 30 days, a 30 day warning will be issued. Failure to respond within the time frame will result in cancellation of commission with no refund given.

By commissioning Deman’s Workshop, you agree to these terms.